Welcome to Coppull and Standish Brass Band

Coppull and Standish ?????......are 2 small villages on the A49 , about 6 miles and 3 miles respectively north-north-west-ish of Wigan. Coppull and Standish Band ????? .... is the local Brass Band.

After 14 years in Standish we moved to Coppull and merged with the Coppull Subscription Band to form Coppull and Standish Band. We have made Coppull village our home as the latest installment of our long and varied history and now feel very much part of the community.

We are a recently promoted 3rd Section band, our practice nights are Tuesday & Thursday, 8pm 'til 10pm in Coppull and Standish Band room, Springfield Rd, Coppull. So if your at a loose end, player or not, please feel free to come along.

History of The Coppull & Standish Band The history of the band dates back to 1873, when it was formed as a village band by the name of Crooke Band. Crooke is a small village to the northeast of Wigan.

This band continued to flourish successfully, with children following in their parents and grandparents footsteps,  bands....... Read More Meet the Players The Coppull & Standish Brass Band has players across the whole age range with brass band members from various different backgrounds and professions. We enjoy our music and the great social life of the band.

Visit our player profile page for more details of the band members who make up The Coppull & Standish Brass Band. For some great pictures, info about some of their surprising hobbies ....Click Here
  Latest Band News Coppull & Standish Brass Band have a busy schedule of events and brass band contests in and around the Northwest and across the UK.

Discover what's happening with the latest news, contest results, band vacancies and latest events for the Coppull & Standish Brass Band.....Read More Coppull & Standish Band Gallery Take a look at some of the many photos taken by band members and followers over the past few years including the brass band concerts and events.

These photos capture the essence of the band showing both individual moments after a hard days playing and group shots with the band is in full flow. Follow this link to see the latest photo call of the Coppull & Standish Brass Band....Click Here